8th Annual Health IT Leadership Summit

Health IT Leadership Summit 2020

About the Summit

The Health IT Leadership Summit 2020 is going to be a flagship event in the sphere of treatment and preventive software development. The use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analysis is gaining momentum in health & social care in the last couple of years: more businesses, such as pharmaceutical companies, rehabilitation centers, life care organizations and online pharmacies are implementing these technologies. It is carried out to facilitate the interactions with patients, customers and users and suggest them proper prevention plans, recommend scheduling visits to their doctor or inform about possible side effects, risks caused by hereditary factors, and more.

Target Audience

Health IT Leadership Summit is held annually. The event causes great resonance in the society: the awards help to recognize winners, while presentations and workshops help participants share expertise in the field of medicine and healthcare. The target audience includes businesses, researchers and individuals interested in healthcare technology trends, digital transformation and modern apps with a social background.

Startup Support

There is a separate section to announce and find financial support for the most promising startups in the industry: hundreds of young entrepreneurs present their ideas to the judges and only top projects are going to be shown at the Summit. The judge panel is headed by the representatives of Canadian Health&Care Mall Corp. – a trusted online pharmacy from Canada, one of the first online drugstores worldwide. The company which has its own app development team and about releasing a brand-new healthcare app for Android and iOS.


The topics covered at the conference include the following ones:

  • Personal healthcare: individualization, AI technologies for precise patient targeting, feedback;
  • Technologies in wellness, fitness and physical activity promotion;
  • Prevention and Diagnostics: how ML can help provide patients with timely medical assistance;
  • Patient Engagement: how to build engaging and effective apps for maximum interaction with customers;
  • Miscellaneous.


Patient data has crucial importance in health and social care. Being used by insurance companies, hospitals and other healthcare organizations, it helps to provide users with tailored advice, show only relevant information on medical services and help online pharmacies pick the right approach to their customers. Electronic Health Records have immense potential to fill the gap by connecting healthcare institutions to patients without extra expenses and efforts.

To reach success in technological integration of organizations and digital technologies it is vital to use advanced IT systems to handle customer data at the high level of effectiveness and security.

The Health IT Leadership Summit 2020 is aimed at sharing experience of multiple healthcare providers that have already implemented such systems in their digital infrastructure. The event will gather stakeholders, investors, healthcare providers and unite them as they try to reach the same goal: make the industry customer-oriented, effective and secure.

The organizations create strategies to stimulate patient engagement, invest in software development and facilitate data transfer, use and analytics. Patient portals created by brands help to keep patients active and informed about their health state, the influence of their habits and family health history.

  • Health IT industry faces a lot of challenges, like:
  • Difficulties in gathering personal health stats;
  • Lack of common digital (online) format of data storage;
  • Lack of common patient information standard;
  • Security issues;
  • Limitations of cloud solutions.

This way the first and the foremost impact of the Summit and similar events on the industry includes building opportunities for collaboration, integration and experience exchange between the parties.

We would be glad to see you among the Health IT Leadership Summit 2020 participants!


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